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Obien Gallery mounts the art exhibit “TayabaSIN KA: Tayabas sa Sining at Kasaysayan” as part of the History Month celebration.

The exhibit aims to display representative works of known and established Tayabasin artists such as Manuel Jamilano , Tipin Rosales Eleazar, Delfin Antiola and Jose Romero. Jamilano and Rosales-Eleazar both graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts while Antiola was the painting restorer of Tayabas Church, among others. Romero, on one hand, was a nurse in the United States and took art lessons at the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis and at the Paris American Academy Beaux Des Artes.

The also exhibit features the works of contemporary Tayabasin artists such as Mailah Baldemor-Balde, Landon Cabañeros, Charo Cabañeros, Cris Jalbuena, Greg Jaballa, Renato Jamilano, Awit Nadera, Vim Nadera, Joel Nadera, Dara Padilla, Anna Padilla, Norman Ragudo, Giah Reynoso, Roldan Rosales and Emmanuel Salanda.

“Tayabasin artist” is an inclusive term to include artists whose parents and/or grandparents were born in Tayabas or those whose parents are still living in Tayabas, or whose mother or father is from Tayabas or artists who were born and are working in Tayabas.

Obien Gallery is a private exhibition space which started in 2012 and is located at 165 Trese de Agosto Street, Tayabas City, Quezon.

For this special exhibition, regular viewing days are Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (can be extended upon request). The exhibit runs from 12 August to 30 September. For inquiries, visit Facebook (@obiengallery) or email at Call 0949-564-5563.

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