We are a health and wellness platform and have always advocated for inclusivity, health and diversity

President Duterte has earmarked P225 million for the improvement of the Navotas Fishport, Special Assitant to the President Lawrence Christopher “Bong” Go said.

In a speech during the 42nd anniversary of the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority, Go said the funding from government will be used to improve the quality and appearance of the port.

Go also lashed back at critics and trolls after a fitness gym was criticized by gym members and netizens for distributing baller bands encouraging him to run for senator in the 2019 midterm elections.

The President’s longtime aide stressed that he had no hand in the campaign by Anytime Fitness’ El Pueblo Real branch in Ortigas.

But while he acknowledged the support of private groups and individuals, Go reiterated that he has no plan yet of seeking an elective post.

“I am thankful for these groups and individuals who show their support,” said Go in a statement. “But like I said, running for a senate post is far from my mind.”

“To serve the public and the nation is my priority,” he added.

Respect views
Go then slammed those who criticized the gym’s pledge to support him, saying that these trolls should respect the opinions of others and refrain from destroying his image. But he noted that he cannot really stop it, because we’re still in a democracy.

Anytime Fitness Ortigas has apologized following the public uproar and said it “was not our intention to alienate or isolate any part of our community or to make anyone feel unwelcome in our home.”

A netizen noted how reviews for the gym went down after the uproar over the post, which was later taken down.

Lapse in judgment
Anytime Fitness Philippines country manager Ryan Cheal said the fitness chain came to an agreement with their El Pueblo branch “that this is not in keeping with the Anytime Fitness brand, which has no affiliation with any platform, political or otherwise.”

“The club is taking responsibility for this lapse in judgement,” he said.

“We are a health and wellness platform and have always advocated for inclusivity, health and diversity. And as such, should not use our platform for political purposes.”

Cheal said that the issue is under review by the management. Elmer Navarro Manuel

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