Pursed for the arts

THE FLORIDA artist stands in front of her latest ‘kiss print pointilism’ art featuring Hong Kong’s sky line.

A US-based lip artist cannot resist the charm of Hong Kong. Its very chic and cosmopolitan vibe suits her kind of art. Alexis Fraser a.k.a Lipstick Lex has been making waves as the artist who adapted pointilism and called her brand “kiss print pointilism.”

The Florida artist headlined Harbour City’s Sun-kissed Summer launch where she unveiled her masterpiece that features Hong Kong’s famous skyline.

Using different brands and shades of lipsticks, Lipstick Lex creates portraits by swathing lipsticks on her lips and kissing her canvass. This repetitive act eventually results in her desired image.

“PINEAPPLE Point of View.”

“In 2012, I was an oil painter and portraits were my specialty. And at that time, when I was doing oil portrait for work, I had a client commission me to create this larger-than-life portrait of Marilyn Monroe. She wanted me to do it in a non-traditional way that would still correlate with Marilyn Monroe. The idea of creating her with lipsticks and kiss prints popped into my head because she was always blowing her kisses and she was so glamorous. So I tried it and it worked. And that sort of was the foundation that planted the seed for my brand Lipstick Lex,” the artist told visiting Philippine media during the exhibition’s launch last June.

ALEXIS Fraser a.k.a Lipstick Lex shares her art with the kids during the launch of her exhibit at Hong Kong’s Harbour City last June.

“I like drawing first what I am going to create. And then I kind of categorize; I put like colors like blue. And then I’ll know and start working. Apply [lipstick] and then start kissing. So I fill in all the areas with the colors that I indicated and then do all the details and refine my work. I then go in and draw with the lipstick tube itself and then I use a paintbrush and move it around and blend. I seal each piece with a spray or an epoxy resin because lipsticks never totally really dry, so that way the artwork is protected,” Fraser explained.

The length of time for her to finish an artwork depends, she related. On some days, she can finish a work in as little as two hours, while at other times, a piece would be finished in three weeks.

Like manys girls, she confesses to owning over a hundred lipsticks although she tends to gravitate towards colorful brands for her work. Her pieces are tell-tale signs of her love for animals so she prefers brands that are “cruelty-free,” or are known to veer away from animal testing.

Besides the Hong Kong skyline, Fraser also displayed her mini-artworks of still-life subjects of birds and fruits native to her Florida home base.

She confessed that she misses doing portraits because she “loves faces and people.”

With such assets put to good use, how does she take care of her well-used and precious lips? “Just a lot of lip balm,” she quipped.

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