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Much has been said about artisans from the Philippines weaving and carving their way into the international home and lifestyle furniture market. Find out and see for yourself why this has been so, as the country’s leading artisans join the ranks of top of the line exhibitors in Maison & Objet this September.

Here, in no particular order, is a compilation of the most impressive artisanal home and lifestyle pieces from the Philippines that one should not miss when in Maison & Objet.

Hand-carved tabletop accessories. From the Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines, Laguna, came the centuries-old tradition that bore the raw and textured home accents and tabletop accessories from Basket & Weaves. By combining their creativity with the aesthetics of nature, the wood carvers make sure the natural properties of wood are held sacred. For Maison & Objet, Basket & Weaves will also add their signature pendant lamps to their impressive catalogue of hand-hewn and hand-carved wood products.

CORAL brain bowl by Tadeco.

Rustic mats and carpets. Because of its texture, abaca —the sturdiest of natural fibers— is the perfect material for rugs and mats. The stringent process raw abaca undergoes prior weaving contributes to the soft and luxurious texture of these mats and carpets. Centuries-old techniques, combined with ingenious designs contributed to the product’s ability to evoke luxurious feel and comfort. The secret techniques to weaving these mats have been passed down from one generation of artisans to another; keeping up with the times with combined function and form.

BEEHIVE lamps by CDO Handmade.

Clutch with a cause. The handwoven bags and clutches from Tali Handmade are made not only for the penchant of the fashionable, but also to help provide a second shot at life to women who were once incarcerated. After they serve their time, Tali Handmade’s is the first set of arms to welcome these ladies back to the society by employing them to bring original designs to life. What started out as a simple livelihood project turned into a brand that embodies the true meaning of social entrepreneurship.

Sculpted candelabra. The high art culture lives on in these Filipino ethnic and tribal sculpted candelabra that fit most with cultivated taste. Combining the country’s colonial and Asian influences, these hand-carved candle holders from Chanalli possess the true mark of outstanding artisanship where, lies in the small details are the execution and precision of the hands that created them. Chanalli’s heads and hands, busts, mannequin and icons are impressive pieces to behold and own.

ECLECTIC Largo lounge chair by Finali.

Eclectic lounge chairs. The ever-evolving definition of home was the inspiration behind Largo lounge chair by Finali. Handmade in the acclaimed furniture capital of the Philippines, Cebu City, Finali’s furniture reflect the fusion of the traditional living and the high life that knows no bounds. Transcending any interior from a place of comfort, into a gallery of memories, adventures and treasures, reminiscent of the passage of time.

Tree-less paper products. Using natural fibers sourced from the indigenous tribes from the south Philippines, CDO Handmade paper produce leatherized paper engineered into sturdy, eccentric lighting fixtures. CDO Handmade maximizes the sustainability and abundance of raw materials to create decorative yet functional pieces. These beehive lamps made from bamboo skin add warmth and sophistication to every home.

Handwoven baskets and storage. In a country where natural materials abound, it is no surprise Filipinos find inspiration and resources even in otherwise drab and common vine.

Employing the highly-skilled members of local weaving tribes in the lowland, L’Auras Y Levi turns nito, a climbing fern, into wide array of home accents, furniture, and baskets and storage, that depict traditional patterns with contemporary vibe.

Quirky home accents. Trading as one of the Philippines major banana exporter, Tadeco is well acquainted with natural fibers. Their table accents, lamps and lighting and a whole new range of home pieces from natural fibers and handwoven fabric turn the distinct features of local materials into pieces for the global home.

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