IMFDC outbreak


Among the common traffic violations such as driving without a valid license, reckless driving, driving under the influence and not wearing a seatbelt, an unusual violation has been added to the list that can result in the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license: doing the “In My Feelings Dance Challenge” (IMFDC).

The Department of Transportation (DoTr) already issued a stern warning to those doing such stunt which involves driving a car slowly while a front seat passenger’s door is open and the passenger dancing parallel the car while it is moving forward slowly. DoTr Secretary Arthur Tugade himself said such dance poses public danger, especially when done on the road.

Videos of several IMFDC performers have gone viral and social media users seem to be yearning for more. A Facebook user, Dimple Joy Panganiban, even posted Thursday a dare and offering a prize to the best IMFDC video posted on a personal YouTube channel until 7 August.

However amusing the IMFDC is, the risk is just too much to be ignored. If the driver hits someone, the pain will really be in the victim’s feelings.

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