Dubai population hits 3M


As the world celebrated World Population day on July 11, authorities in Dubai announced that its population has hit the 3.086 million mark, or about a third of the national United Arab Emirates’ total population of 9.27 million people.

Roughly 70 percent of Dubai’s population is composed by males with the females comprising the remaining 30 percent, according to the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC).

According to the 2015 World Migration Report 2015, Dubai has the highest foreign-born population among major cities in the world with residents from other countries comprising 83 percent of its population.

A separate study led by Dr Fayez Elessawy, UAE University researcher, found that Dubai’s population exploded by 1,000 percent in the last 40 years due to the influx of foreigners seeking work opportunities in the city.

Dubai’s population is forecast to rise to more than five million by 2027.