Saber rattling


Malacañang sounded neither threatened nor scared with Vice President Leni Robredo’s announcement she’d unite the political opposition against President Duterte.

“After all, she is the highest elected member of the opposition,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque said in shrugging off Robredo’s painfully inept attempt at saber-rattling.

For Roque, Robredo’s statement was clearly par for the course, something that should have been left unsaid.

Nonetheless, the Palace believes that an active opposition has a vital role to play in a healthy, well-functioning democracy.

Roque challenged the opposition to promote not only responsible and constructive debate but also to push the national conversation to a higher level of political maturity.

“Also, (we expect them) to present to our people a viable alternative platform of government to address the longstanding problems of the nation. Our people deserve no less,” Roque said.