Netizens: Charge parents of ‘SUV kid’


Netizens are demanding the criminal prosecution of the parents of a child left alone inside a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the wee hours of the morning in Pasig City.

A Facebook post by one Jasper Pascual showing the toddler inside the SUV has gone viral with about six million views and numerous shares by other FB users.

According to Pascual’s account, he heard the cry of the child at the open parking lot of Metrowalk, which hosts a number of restaurants and watering holes and sought a guard’s help.

The video showed the Chinese-looking child tapping frantically at the glass window of the vehicle with Pascual cursing in anger at whoever left the boy inside.

A window of the SUV was opened slightly apparently to let air in, according to accounts.

Comments on the Facebook post were mostly angry with demands that the government look for the parents of the child inside the SUV.

Many netizens had asked the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to investigate the incident to penalize the adults behind the abandonment of the child inside the vehicle.

Pascual said he thought of breaking the glass window of the vehicle but did not do so as he was afraid glass shards might injure the toddler.

Admitting he was also drunk at that time, Pascual said he and a guard were able to find the parents inside one of the establishments and that the latter even got angry when told about their crying child.

A number of children had died of dehydration or suffocation after being left inside locked vehicles in the Philippines and around the world.

In 2016, Renz Gajo and Aljo Malaco, both aged 4, died after they were left inside a car.
A year later, 8-year-old Janna Jacobe also died inside a locked vehicle in Manila.