Raccoon lights up Twitter with skyscraper stunt

THE feisty raccoon

America breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after a scruffy brown raccoon was captured safe and sound following a perilous climb up a skyscraper in the northern state of Minnesota.

Thousands of Twitter users followed the escapades of the raccoon on Tuesday as it slowly inched up the side of the UBS Plaza building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Minnesota Public Radio reporters and occupants of the building posted pictures and updates on the animal — dubbed the #MPRraccoon — as it scaled the rough surface of the skyscraper story-by-story in true Spider-Man style.

A local television station provided a livestream of the anxiety-producing journey of the animal, which apparently had been scared by construction workers at the building’s base.

Hollywood director James Gunn offered to donate $1,000 to charity in the name of anyone who saved the raccoon.

“I can’t handle this,” Gunn, the director of the two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, tweeted. “Poor dude.”