‘Selective justice’ targets Binay anew


Publicly dropping her interest in pursuing high-profile cases against officials involved in the pork barrel scam, but centering on the defeated presidential candidate Jejomar Binay’s alleged sale of a prime Makati lot to a private firm, reeks of hypocrisy and double standard on the part of the Ombudsman.

This the former vice president’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, said in the wake of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales’ pronouncement that she would proceed with the preliminary investigation on the alleged 2011 sale of a Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) property to Alphaland Makati Place Inc.

Carpio-Morales said the sale of P600 million of the BSP property to Alphaland was disadvantageous to government as the land value of the 10,000-square meter property was pegged at P10.126 billion.

Salgado, however, accused Carpio-Morales of employing selective justice by singly focusing on Binay while seemingly ignoring other cases also needing scrutiny.
“It seems that the Ombudsman is no longer hiding her hypocrisy and double standard,” said Salgado.

The Ombudsman had recently stated her disinterest in pursuing cases filed against high-profile allies and personalities of the previous administration who were accused of having benefited from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

“She justifies this by citing the alleged absence of evidence and lack of time, even if an affidavit has been signed by Janet Napoles naming these high-profile allies and personalities,” Salgado said.

“But the Ombudsman can and will always find time against the former Vice President (Binay), even if the complaint lacks basis in fact,” Salgado added.

“Clearly, the Ombudsman intends to spend her last days in office pursuing her personal and political agenda against former VP Binay, while being a true-blue Yellow protector to the end. It’s selective justice, pure and simple,” said Salgado.

Carpio-Morales is set to retire in July.
Binay was president of the BSP when the alleged sale was made.

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