Raising awareness on menstrual health and hygiene


To date, conversations about menstruation are often still considered taboo, which leads to a lack of proper knowledge and information among females. In an effort to help break myths and misconceptions about women’s red days and raise awareness about proper menstrual hygiene, Johnson & Johnson Philippines through Modess with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and its partners Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and DDB Group Philippines, held “From Womb to Tomb: A Forum on Women’s Health” on May 28 at PUP Santa Mesa in observance of the global Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day).
“We, at Modess, are happy and proud to do our part in helping spread awareness about proper menstrual health and hygiene. We believe that every Filipina has the right to participate in discourses shedding light on the right information about her period, how it affects her body, and have access to the best products to properly equip her,” said Jessica Bodo, Johnson & Johnson Philippines assistant brand manager for Modess.
“We know that beyond their monthly periods, there are greater ‘moves’ that she ought to do and that’s exactly why Modess is here, which is to empower them with their every move and dreams in life.”
In front of students, government and NGO workers present at the event, Bodo highlighted the brand’s belief in encouraging women to do their moves even during monthly periods: “We all know that when a girl starts to have her period, it is also the time when she starts to face new and bigger roles ahead of her. There are exciting physical activities she can’t let pass and big opportunities that fall on her lap. Her world is changing, leading her to the exciting stage of womanhood. She must not be stopped. So there’s definitely #NoPeriodOnLife with Modess.”

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