No time to finish old probes, but time for the new?


Morales absolved Aquino completely in the DAP scam while Abad was given a weak slap on the wrist. His penalty? A month’s salary forfeited

Even as Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, who retires next month, was quoted as saying that she no longer has time to finish the investigation and indictment of personalities involved in the third batch of pork barrel scam cases and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Aquino administration before her term ends, and that her successor would have to take these cases up, she now still has time to probe new cases?

Strange remark this is, coming from Morales, considering the fact that in another TV interview, Ombudsman Morales said that she is currently investigating Solicitor-General Jose Calida, which is based on a fairly new accusation,

Then too, there is a report quoting her as presidential son Paolo Duterte is currently being investigated by her office.

She has time to investigate and perhaps charge before the Sandiganbayan, allegations against Paolo Duterte and SolGen Calida on his family firm’s security contracts when she says she does not have enough time to finish the probe on the political personalities linked to the pork scam in the “third batch” as well as the DAP scam that involves her yellow patron?

Truth is, she had already ensured the protection from prosecution of former president, Noynoy Aquino and his then budget chief Butch Abad.

Morales absolved Aquino completely in the DAP scam while Abad was given a weak slap on the wrist. His penalty? A month’s salary forfeited. No other charges for them on the DAP and she has the nerve to describe herself as independent and impartial and does not engage in selective justice? Her record of protecting the yellow president and his yellow aides plus his yellow allies, would be more than enough proof of her having engaged in selective justice.

More proof needed for her having engaged in selective justice? Only three then opposition senators, seen by Aquino as his political foes, have been charged with plunder and detained for years in their prison cells in a Philippine Police Custodial Center.

Then too, there is the plunder charge and long years of detention of the former president, Gloria Arroyo, also the charges she lodged against former Vice President Jojo Binay and his son, Mayor Junjun.

There is too the Malampaya scam where Morales’ probe started but appears stalled. In this probe too, there is no focus on Aquino, even when this scam happened during his regime, and there were some anomalies too that had his fingerprints on them.

She has started the probe on SolGen Calida and is currently still investigating the “wealth” of Paolo Duterte yet claims that, as she is retiring next month, she may not be able to investigate the allegations of the third batch of political personalities linked to the pork barrel scam?

So why start the probe on Calida and take on the probe on the former vice mayor of Davao when she says she may not be able to finish the probe on the third batch, when the probe should have been started by Morales and her deputies in 2014, along with the quickie probe on the Senators Juan Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, both of whom are out on bail, and former Senator Bong Revilla, who continues to languish in detention?

Morales has this habit to announce even before a probe is done by her office to announce that personalities A, B,C or X, mostly all opposition figures during the yellow regime, are being investigated.

Not so in the case of the so-called Third Batch of legislators linked to the pork scam. She just says third batch of scammers, but does not identify the political personalities. Do the names of Senators Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, and the whole batch of LP biggies, along with Antonio Trillanes, former Congressmen Butch Abad, Noynoy Aquino, who later became senator and president, Mar Roxas who later became senator as well as Alan Peter Cayeteno who also a congressman became senator and is now the current foreign affairs chief among others?

What is also not being touched by either than Justice chief now detained Senator Leila de Lima as well as the outgoing Ombudsman is another known pork barrel racketeer which they know about, but refuse to probe pork barrel of legislators, both senators and congressmen that are handled by this individual engaged in the racket of pork barrel scams. It is not just Janet Lim Napoles and the probers know it, but they merely focus on Napoles. Why?

Is it because other senatorial biggies’ pork barrel goes to her?

It really is good riddance to Ombudsman Morales and her selective justice. Perhaps the new Ombudsman can start the wheels of justice rolling by investigating and charging those who should have been probed and charged with plunder over the pork barrel scam, reinvestigate those involved in the DAP scam and all other crimes committed by the yellow regime.


  1. And according to Mrs. Carpio Morales, she is NOT SELECTIVE! What a partisan LIAR. She should be investigated as soon as she is out of office. Include to investigate Mr. Carandang also. He did not have the decency to resign after spreading FAKE NEWS about Mr. Duterte and his family.

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