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Graham Russell, singer and guitarist of the iconic rock band Air Supply, says he will always view the song “All Out of Love” as his first piano piece. It is such an iconic song that whenever we hear it over the radio, the message still speaks to our hearts, more than 30 years since its release.

“We were in the studio and everybody was gone, the piano was just there. And I started to play it. I just kind of wrote the song right there and it took about half an hour. It is the first song that I wrote on piano. It will always be my first piano song,” he said.

Graham was recently in the country with Russell Hitchcock for their Over the Asia Tour 2018, following the Canada and US show dates. They played sold-out shows in Santa Rosa Laguna and Resorts World Manila consecutively.

During a brief chat with the local press, the Australian duo says they always had a good relationship with their Filipino fans and it is something that they are most grateful for.

“We’ve had a great relationship with the Philippines since 1982, I think it was the first time we came here. There are so many brilliant singers in the Philippines, I mean it’s scary. This is an opportunity for us to showcase our songs, we’ve been around for so many years and we’ve had a loving and caring relationship with the Philippines so it’s a natural thing for us,” Hitchcock said.

Steve O’Neal Productions has been bringing the duo to the Philippines every year since 2008 to serenade Filipino fans. But for this time, it’s their turn to watch and listen as Manila presents the world premiere of the All Out of Love The Musical, which consists of an Australian creative team and an all Filipino cast.

The musical features an original script by award winning Canadian playwright Jim Millan, with the classic songs of Air Supply masterfully woven together to create a timeless love story. The local ensemble consists of MiG Ayesa, Rachel Alejandro, Tanya Manalang, Raymund Concepcion and Jamie Wilson.

In the new musical, music mogul Tommy King tries to convince struggling rock star Jamie Crimson to embark on a world tour to promote his new album and save King’s record company. Jamie is struggling too on his end, having left behind his songwriting partner and love of his life Rayne, while Tommy is dealing with his own loss, his wife and distant relationship with his daughter.MiG Ayesa and Rachel Alejandro will play the romantic leads rockstar Jamie Crimson and singer/song writer Rayne respectively.

“I’ve always believed it when Graham played Lost in Lovefor the first time to me and The One that You Love, Sweet Dreams. We had faith in these songs, we had ups and downs in our 40 years of career. But it all starts with a song, whether it’s for recording or for an album or for musical,” Hitchcock said.
“Things take a long time especially with musicals. We thought about it, I mean everybody’s busy, we’re working all the time and we have to find time to get together for it to happen. But we’re glad that it’s finally happening. It’s long overdue,” added Graham.

Graham had previously shared the stage with MiG Ayesa back in New York City.

“I was doing a charity performance, I was just singing a couple of songs. I was going to sing All Out of Loveand I met MiG. I asked him if he knows All Out Of Loveand he said yes, so I said come sing with me on stage. We met there which is very nice,” shared Graham.
Joining the creative team is musical arranger and orchestrator Stephen Amos, choreographer Yvette Lee, associate director Jacinta John, local musical director Joe Tolentino, and set designer Bob Brunton.

The band hopes to bring the musical all over Asia and the rest of the world. But starting it in the Philippines is such a logical reason as per the musical’s producer, since they want to give it to the people who really want to see it.

“It’s very exciting for us. We’ve been thinking about it for some years and it always seems about the next step for our songs on our catalog. We’re very excited that finally something is happening,” Hitchcock concluded.

The show is strictly on a limited season. Tickets are on sale now at TicketWorld. More information about the show is available on All Out Of Love the Musical website

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