In one ear and out the other, for Pinoys


Commies, militants, bishops, nuns and other anti-Duterte groups can keep calling for President Duterte’s resignation, branding him a dictator. But whatever they claim as a dictatorship today, none of these affects the vast majority of the Filipino populace, if surveys are to be the gauge.

In the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, 78 percent of adult Filipinos said the way democracy works in this country under the stewardship of Duterte is satisfactory.
Sixty percent also stated that Filipinos prefer democracy to other forms of government while only 19 percent “sometimes prefer authoritarianism.”

Preference for an authoritarian government has remained steady at 19 percent from September 2016 to March 2018, below the 20 percent of five consecutive quarters since December 2015.

These commies whose ambition is to stage a successful revolt and take on power and position had better drop their stand of power sharing with the Duterte government and give up its quest of ever taking over power.

At this time, the Commie leadership is now amenable to the make or break peace talks with government. It really is their last chance at peace, because if the talks collapse, the military and police are more than ready to fight it out with these commies.

The SWS survey was conducted this year, in March, with 1,200 respondents.

Compared with June last year’s SWS poll results on the same issue, the percentage fell just two points lower than the 80 percent, and a point lower than the June 2016 poll.

Seventy eight percent is a pretty good satisfactory rating for a President who has been excoriated and slammed by his political foes for what they claim is his dictatorial rule, given a three year period and losing only a few percentage points.

What these steady ratings show is that all these criticisms aired against Duterte by his foes and even the accusations from the international and local human rights groups, such as the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the US State Department, some American senators and congressmen and even the United Nations as well as the local bishops and their priests and nuns, plus criticisms of Duterte’s war on drugs just don’t wash with the vast majority of Filipinos.

Perhaps these same political groups, which include the Liberal Party or what is left of its members, the same nuns, commies and militant students have completely lost whatever credibility they have left, as it has been noted by many that when it is the yellows in power and position, no matter the many human rights violations committed under the yellow regime, the many riding in tandem gunmen who were never identified and caught, the massive corruption during the yellow regimes and the many other major crimes committed by the yellows with impunity, especially since the Ombudsman, Conchita Carpio Morales is seen by many as the protector of the yellow biggies, there was hardly any call for their resignations, whether it was Cory Aquino or her son, Noynoy.

And these same groups hardly ever condemned the crimes committed by the yellows—including the top officials under the yellow regime of the two Aquinos.

Remember the Mendiola massacre of labor groups? The killings of the farmer-tenants in Hacienda Luisita, the Aquino-Cojuangcos’ hacienda, for starters?

And to make clear to these yellow, red and white hypocrites, they went all out to destroy democracy and yes, even the Constitution along with the destruction of the independence of the Supreme Court twice.

First time was the Edsa revolt, where a dictatorship was ushered in by the “sainted” Cory Aquino who was then the sole law and the sole government. Recall that she threw out all the Supreme Court justices at that time and picked her own choices of justices.

And they now rail against the quo warranto ruling by the High Court but not when the SC ruled against then sitting President, Joseph Estrada, in a quo warranto case?

The second time came in 2001, when these same anti-Estrada groups were ousted, undemocratically, by the yellow, white and red, along with big business and the perfumed set that plotted to topple a democratically elected President, with the disgraceful Supreme Court even giving its blessings to mob rule, saying they hear the people’s voice, even when the “people” numbered a mere 300 thousand.

The same groups appear to want to repeat the Edsa 2 feat and get the yellow Vice President Leni Robredo to replace Duterte, what with the yellows organizing groups to protest the 50 percent threshold for wrong oval shadings.

These yellows and their usual noisy groups are out for one thing – which is to oust Duterte and for these yellow mobsters to be in power again which is why they have been buttering up to the Americans these days over the South China Sea issue.

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