Spins getting wild


The fact that pinning President Rody Duterte for coddling China as a richly-funded and highly organized effort was again proven after a legitimate refueling of a Chinese military aircraft did the rounds in social media and was made to appear as a breach of sovereignty.
It took a Palace action to debunk the deception that cropped up immediately after top critic Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano also claimed that Rody ordered the military to abandon the disputed areas in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Special Assistant to the President Bong Go said that both issues are not true since there was no order from Rody for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to stop WPS operations, while the Chinese aircraft landing, which was even recorded in video, was a routine refueling stop.

Alejano’s allegations and the spread online of the Chinese aircraft landing happening almost simultaneously proved another yellow operation is afoot.
The yellow mob believes a kink on Rody’s popularity armor can be found in the President’s response to the territorial conflict with China.

Go said that Alejano’s claim of the AFP withdrawing from the contested areas was impossible. “The president will not order that. First of all, what’s ours is ours. We will patrol in those areas,” Go said.

On the Chinese aircraft landing, Go said a”request for landing was received, processed and cleared by relevant Philippine government agencies.”
He added that the incident was no different from “technical stops” by foreign government and commercial planes which are closely coordinated by relevant government agencies which is also the same practice in other countries particularly when Philippine government aircrafts are involved.

Also earlier, the usual critics also alleged Rody had traded off huge debts with sovereignty as collateral and that Chinese debts will bury the country long after he steps down from the presidency.

The yellow claim added the debts will make the country subservient to every whims of China.

These spins were frustrated by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez who said the borrowings from China were ordinary sovereign debts with no collaterals.
Dominguez credited the country’s good credit standing backed by the investment ratings from credit watchdogs Fitch, Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s for the extreme interest of lenders to the country.

“We don’t owe anybody any collateral, and we are borrowing very prudently,” Dominguez said.

Dominguez said the recent loan of P12 billion with China through a panda bond issue did not have any collateral and had a “tight” interest yield of five percent.
The China spins are even expected to boomerang to the usual critics and their yellow overlords since it was the previous administration which fumbled diplomacy that led to China’s buildup.

In one of his speeches, Rody said “he was still there. You won. Aquino was still there then, not so many months there. Why he had not visited or warned them? Then when he left, there were already some additional—well, accretion, but artificial.”

Rody was referring to former President Noynoy Aquino’s refusal to dialog with China and instead chose to bring the dispute to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague.

Rody also denounced the building of the Chinese structures in the contested area but he said that both Noynoy and the United States which was then backing his moves did not lift a finger when China started building artificial islands.

“You cannot build an island, artificial island on the high seas. That’s not allowed. And the only country who could have stopped them was America,” Rody said.

Rody said that contrary to his critics’ claim of him bedding with China, he said he would demand to talk about the arbitration ruling “before my term ends.”

“I cannot let my administration pass without really insisting because I am doing it for my country. I am not doing it for myself,” he added.

The yellow operations that begun when Rody assumed the presidency have spun out of control.


  1. How do we distinguish privilege speech from black propaganda? Even if it is privilege speech shouldn’t it be backed by solid documentation? Should newsman and reporters present both sides of the story? Freedom of speech is a right! It is also a responsibility to tell the truth! What does our constitution say about people abusing or misusing privilege speech. One who delivers privelege speech should be responsible and accountable.Their peers should ve able to penalize them if theiy are only presenting fake news.

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