Shame on the ICJ!


International judges, lawyers and academics that compose the group called the International commission of jurists should know better than to criticize a sovereign country’s highest court of law and justice in the Philippines.
Judges, local and international, as well as international and even local lawyers should know what laws and powers Filipinos have granted, through a democratic ratification of the 1997 the Constitution.
Shame on the ICJ for criticizing the Philippine Supreme Court (SC)’s decision saying that that the ouster of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno had contributed to the “overall deterioration” of the rule of law in the Philippines.
The statement read that Sereno’s “removal, through the contrivance of a judicial ruling by a sharply divided court, adds to the perception that the government institutions are unable or unwilling to safeguard the rule of law, and will attack the institutions that protect it,” ICJ said.
This is obviously yet another move by the lawyers and other Philippine justices allied with Sereno to influence the SC decision ousting Sereno, that supposedly needs only one more SC justice for a reversal of the ruling.
Shame on the ICJ for trying to influence the SC into reversing its decision and even claiming that the country’s SC, along with other “institutions are unable or unwilling to safeguard the rule of law, and the institutions that protect it.”
For shame! These are jurists and lawyers who have not even gone over the many reports from independent print media and rely only on what these yellow supporters and also Sereno feed this organization, without as much as checking the veracity of the yellow tales?
Shame on the ICJ and its members! If they were in any way independent and relied on objective information, they would know that it was the ousted Sereno who kept on attacking the High Court , the Office of the Solicitor General and its justices in many daily forums and covered by the media. The Supreme Court never attacked her. The only time she kept silent was the time she sought an appeal of the decision and was in serious danger of being disbarred.
This merely proves that the ICJ is yet another tool to destroy President Duterte and his government by attacking the democratic institutions through lies given to this group of jurists, by the yellows and even Sereno herself because if the ICJ bothered to check out the Supeme Court decision as well as the evidence presented before our Supreme Court by Solicotor-General Jose Calida through a quo warranto that won the case against Sereno, ICJ would have known that the ruling is legal and constitutional and that Sereno cheated her way through to be appointed with her name listed for the then yellow president Benigno Aquino that had ordered the Judicial Bar and Council to include Sereno in its list for him to be able to choose her as chief justice.
The ICJ should know what quo warranto is all about, and what our Constitution and the SC rulings state and must be respected, since these are not only the laws of the land but there are precedents to ousters through quo warranto cases lodged before the Supreme Court, such as the High Court’s ouster of then President Joseph Estrada, an impeachable official who was already acquitted by the Senate Impeachment Court and the SC issued a ruling that is not even a constitutional reason for a President to be removed as only these reasons are constitutional, such as death, permanent incapacity to function, death and resignation.
And the SC chief Justice who was a conspirator in the unconstitutional yellow revolt against the Estrada government? Hilario Davide Jr, who has access to the ICJ and feeds it lies.
It was the Davide Court that invented the unconstitutional ouster of Estrada claiming without proof, that he had “constructively resigned” from the presidency.
He did not resign and there is no proof that he did resign. It was mob rule that ousted Estrada and that yellow mob rule was upheld as constitutional by the Davide Court.
Did the ICJ or the freaking Rights Groups, the lawyers and even the freaking justices at that time condemn the unconstitutional ouster of Estrada? Nada.
They also said nothing either when the SC, in another quo warranto case against an impeachable Commission on Audit chairman was removed by the High Court for his void appointment.
Yet here is the ICJ wanting the High Court to reverse its decision and reinstall Sereno, a serial liar and cheat who has been proven ineligible by the Highest Court in the land, as her appointment was deemed void ab initio.
The message the ICJ really implies is that never mind the precedent cases, even when she cheated and lied throughout. Make an exception of Sereno this time despite the proven testimonies of JBC officials who testified that Sereno had submitted only 3 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth and that two SALNs were spurious and fake.
Sereno is above the law? For shame, ICJ!

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